Studying tips!

Hi guys~! 🙂 So today I will be touching on tips for studying smartly! ✍

#1: Start studying early (but of course not too early.. and NO LAST MINUTE REVISION)

You can start as early as 2 weeks to one month before the first paper. By revising past years’ test papers and notes, you will be able to remember what you have learnt before; this helps to refresh your memory so you are able to think clearly when revising.

Also, you can re-do quizzes especially if you failed it/ did badly last time. Time yourself when doing papers, this will help you gauge how much time you need to complete the entire paper, whether you need to slow down or do faster.

#2: Get enough sleep/ rest 🛌

If you’re cramping everything in one shot, just know that burning midnight oil does no good to your body. When you’re tired, you will lose focus on whatever you’re doing. So it’s best to get some sleep, even better if you can get more than 6 hours of sleep. This will allow both your brain and body rest before putting more information in.

Also, by studying everything in one go isn’t good either. Take regular breaks in between studying periods. Grab something to eat, rest your eyes, take a walk outside are ways to relax and chill for that short period of time. This will not only help improve your focus, but also boost your productivity too.

#3: Form study groups with friends

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Be the one who asks your friends out to study! But of course, do not choose those who will distract you from revision. Pick those who will help you when you are in doubts, or those that encourage and motivate you to keep going if you’re giving up on certain subjects. When studying with friends, be sure to pick a good location as there are some which will cause you to lose concentration. A good spot will be the library, be it the school library or the public one. As they are already quiet and peaceful to start with, it’s only up to you to decide whether you want to study seriously. XD

#4: Create your own notes 🙂

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Be it writing them in a notebook or creating a word document in your laptop, this will prove to be useful since it can help you look through what you have already learnt before. Other forms can also include mind maps, diagrams, etc. Also, nothing is better than those you’ve written on your own. As the notes are written by you, this means that only you understand what you’ve written inside. You can write it in any way you want, as long as you remember them accurately.

Tips when writing your own notes:

  • use different color pens or highlighters to mean different things. (For example: red/ yellow for important things)
  • Rephrase long sentences into something that you can understand better. But leave key/main points out. At the end, try to summarize the main points
  • Keep the content organised: Separate different headings accordingly. Write in short paragraphs to better read it later on

#5: Stay motivated 💜


When studying, remind yourself of your goals and dreams, and that all these effort and hard work will pay off in the end.

Remember: You are your own limit 🙂

Pic taken from weheartit

☃Bonus☃: Plug in some music when studying~ This might only be helpful to some people; not everyone can focus with music. However, if you wanna listen to music while studying but you’re distracted by the lyrics, you can listen to their instrumental versions or piano versions! The soothing sound of piano will do best at helping you concentrate without distracting you. 🙂

So I guess this is the end for now 😀 Hope you guys enjoy this! And all the best for your exams and tests!

Peace out, K.Sol ♡


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